Buying Cichlids The Easy Way

Cichlids are amazing looking fish when kept at optimum health, a great center feature for anyone’s lounge room. It takes quite a commitment on your behalf to look after these fish properly. So before you go buying cichlids to fill your tank just be sure that your ready for this type of hobby.

This could avoid costing you good money you pay for the fish only to have them end floating belly up due to avoidable neglect.. This amazingly diverse family of fish has certain requirements in regards to their water conditioning or their dietary intake. So I highly recommend that you do some research on looking after these little critters.

Yes, before buying cichlids, read up on them first. Take a few notes about any special needs they may have. Consider weather it is within your capacity to diligently care for your fish. Quite often they are purchased with good intentions and then neglected to the point where the fish end up very sick or worst.

When you have decided upon the aquarium your going to use it is a good idea to make a list of all the cichlids that are compatible with your particular setup. Then its time to start visiting the local pet stores in your area to find out what on your lost you can purchase.

Buying From A Good Source

Its very important that you get your stocks from a reputable source. You can spot the fish you like and then you will be able to cross reference online information with what the sales person has told you in response to your queries. Places that you can get your cichlids from are the internet, local breeders and local pet stores.

The last two being the most preferred as you get to examine the fish in person before committing to a purchase. Using a trusted source to buy from gives you some insurance if anything goes wrong with the fish because most store owners or breeders are willing to exchange or replace if the problem is something to do with them . Purchasing your fish online gives you the advantage if you are looking for a particular type of fish.

Be Very Observant

When looking over you potential new fish you want to make sure they look healthy and alert. Make sure their swimming normally and that they seem calm and content with their surroundings. Any signs off stress will be your indicator that this fish is to be avoided. Do not purchase on impulse as this can lead to poor results .

Ask lots of questions from the owner about the history of the fish. Where are they from? How old are they? Don’t forget the internet for a resource to cross reference your collected data. Scan the store and check all the tanks to give yourself an idea of how well the fish are kept in this store. These guide lines will all save you from disaster later on , trust me.

Cichlid Fish To Avoid

You must avoid any fish that that have torn or damaged fins, rough red spots anywhere on the body or appear to swim in circles one way or on their side. Also keep an eye out for any strange looking growths or white spots as this generally means that they have an infection or are under attack from parasites, these should also be avoided.
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